Work Experience with Exim and Plymouth Dance

Hi my name is Beth,

I have been on work experience this week with Three companies, Exim Dance and Plymouth Dance (who share a office), and Fotonow, doing various things working towards U.Dance 2015 on Saturday. On the first day I was with Fotonow working on a dance film, we started by filming a dancer. We had to tell her what to do and where to be as well as having a go at filming her we then went back to the office and began editing everything we had captured.

On Tuesday I went to Plymouth school of creative arts to work in the dance office. I got to see what kind of things happen behind the scenes of U.Dance as it is such a big event. There is a lot more work than I thought there would be going into the event, and the office i worked in have a lot of responsibility for what is going to happen on Saturday, i wrote the performers list out and there were a lot of people!! I also went to Toddle Together i got to be with young toddlers who were really fun to work with!

I went back to Fotonow on Wednesday and we carried on editing the footage we had filmed on Monday, there was a lot more work involved in this than i expected. we had to work on a short clip at a time making sure it worked in sequence, as well as the lighting and sound blending well which could take a while in some cases. I also had the chance to go to a photography exhibition and view the work there.

Today i am working in the dance office again, i have looked at some of the clubs and events they run here and they offer a wide range of clubs and activities for lots of different people, for example, ADAPT works with children with special needs. I am going to go to Fotonow again in a bit to finish the editing and then on Saturday i am going to be a part of the U.Dance event which i am very exited about!

Beth 🙂


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