Want to work with us?

Exim are Looking for recent graduates and a young dancer to join our team…We have a fantastic history of developing people:

Jade Poole (Dance Graduate) won Intern of the year and has recently taken up a full time position with RIO as a Junior Consultant

Emma Pendle (Dance Graduate) won an award from Grads for Growth for Exim as a outstanding new organisation. Emma has recently had a post created for her at Plymouth School of Creative Arts

Zoe Mote (Dance Graduate) worked with us while studying and her recently graduated from the RAD with a PGCE in dance

Laura Henry (Dance Graduate) has been newly appointed as Exims General Manager and is working very successfully full time in dance as a freelance practitioner and producer.

Please note these opportunities are not limited to Dance Graduate we are very open to working with graduates of a variety of subjects.

Please help us spread the word!!

Job Opportunity- Intern-PD-EDC-2015-short

Job Opportunity- Apprentice-2015-short


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