Etch R&D Day 1 – Dancers Reflections

Today was an absolute emotional rollercoaster. Glad that it happened as valuable observations can emerge from facing ones fears at the point of total humiliation. This way I hope to find moments that resonate with an audience emotions.

Lynsey Dart


Day one was a complete inspirational start to the Etch process working on several different improvise task that allowed everyone to work out of their comfort zones. The day was worked around different emotions on personal levels. It was wonderful having both Nat and Mat in the space feeding information to both Claire and the dancers and giving two different perspectives to help aid the two-week R&D process.

Laura Henry


Today was such an interesting day, made up of structured improvisations which were comprised of enough instruction and space to play within it. We explored movement with the loss of certain senses which required a certain trust, of ourselves and others within the room. This also created a great sense of exploration. I am excited to carry this work on!

Lucy Freeman


I really found today incredibly interesting and already stepped out of my comfort zone and learnt so much. I overcame my fear of talking without planning and just did it spontaneously which then lead to my movement not being stuck but I felt completely free, moving in a way I have never done before. Dancing with Lindsey was eye opening as I had my eyes closed and was not in control. I also really loved doing improvisational tasks and the element of unknown throughout the day. It was great to have Nat and Matt in the studio to give another perspective. Beautiful first day!

Heather Walrond



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