Apprenticeship with Exim Dance Company

Hi my name is Tammy Mildren and I’m 18 years old. September 2015 I began as an apprentice with Exim Dance Company as their Administrator every Wednesday on a weekly basis, alongside this I am also doing a full time course at college which is level 3 specialist diploma in supporting teaching and learning in schools. Before starting with Exim Dance Company I was previously volunteering with them and Plymouth Dance in my spare time this is what gave me the vital skills that are needed in my job role. I really enjoy being an administer with Exim because it involves organising and filing which is something I thoroughly enjoy.

It also involves typing up work and sending important emails out to different people and organisations. Booking venue spaces and taxis for the different groups we work with. My main roles include banking the money made from different classes that are run throughout the week then inputting this information into a spreadsheet. Another role is to input people’s contact and personal information as well as ICE contacts into spreadsheets and update the data capture.

As well as all the above I also, depending on how much work I have to do help in a weekly ballet class which is held at the Plymouth School of Creative Arts where Exim is based. This is with ages 7-10 and is so much fun to do because I love the whole teaching side of dance as well as the performing.

I really love my job and the work I do with Exim Dance Company and I hope to continue my work with them in the future whether that is through paid work or volunteering in my spare time because they have really given me the skills and confidence I needed in life.

Tammy Mildren

Exim Apprentice 2016


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