First Day in the Office

Hi I’m Amy Chatwin, a third year Dance Theatre student at Plymouth University. As part of a third year module, personal development project, I need to gain some work experience in the field in which I would like to work in. After my degree I am hoping to study a PGCE to be able to teach Dance. I have always been inspired by the work that Exim does and have enjoyed my past experiences working with them, so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to work with Exim again!


I first started working with Exim in my first year of university where I took part in the dance leaders level 2 course. With the course I learnt a lot about Exim and had the opportunity to work with CLASH. I helped choreograph a dance with the dancers, which they then performed at Exeter Respect Festival.

So today is my first day in the office, doing some admin work. I will be in the office every Friday answering emails and keeping all files up to date. I am also working on the project Toddle Together. I will be applying for funding for this project.  I started reading up on this project today, which Exim have run in the past. Toddle Together is a class for parents and their children to come along to move and play together.

To help with Toddle Together I took part in a workshop on the 26th September 2015 with Hannah Lefeuvre on Early Years Dance. This was such an eye opening experience, as I haven’t had the opportunity to work with young children before. In the workshop I had the chance to learn how to structure a session and keep it engaging for everyone including the parents.


I’m excited to be working back with Exim this year, gaining experience on the admin side but also with the classes they run. Helping out with the Ballet classes on a Wednesday and Tap classes on Thursday, to gain more confidence and experience with teaching and working with children.

Amy Chatwin


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