Crossing borders- Exim head south to work with Jayne Devlin

So yesterday Exim spent a wonderful morning dancing in Cornwall with Jayne Devlin. We were all so grateful to Jayne for opening up her dance class for people with Parkingsons to us and to the lovely dancers in the class for being so welcoming. I personally have been a follower and admirer of Jaynes work for a long time from a distance. When we finally met at a Pavilion Dance South West event ‘Breath’ back in February this year we had a instant connection and I knew that she was someone who I could really learn from. After the experience of participating in Jaynes class yesterday this has been reaffirmed and I’m very excited about the prospect of working more with her in the future.

Claire Summers, Artistic Director

Today I was lucky enough to join in with Jayne Devlin’s weekly Parkinson’s class at East Taphouse community hall in Cornwall. What a joy it was, throughout the entire class I could not wipe the smile off my face. The pure contentment and thought process behind the sessions was evidently shown through every participants sheer enjoyment, through facial expressions, the giggling and dancing bodies in the space. The environment could not of been more welcoming and you were instantly connected and felt part of the group. The class worked through several different exercises, phrases and singing which was completely captivating to watch and be part of. The practitioners and participants all came together at the end to talk about life happenings, how truly beneficial the sessions have been helping with their health and to share feedback about the session around tea and biscuits. A Delightful way to end the session. I am very much looking forward to returning to the sessions very soon.

Laura Henry, General Manager/Lead Practitioner

HeadshotIt was great to participate in Jayne’s class today for people with Parkinson’s. Using dance to strengthen, stretch, and play with rhythms, all with smiles, laughter and even some singing! It was inspiring to see how beneficial Jayne’s teaching techniques were for the dancers, and over cups of tea afterwards people spoke about how much stronger they felt, and how much they enjoyed the social aspect as well as the dancing! A brilliant morning in Cornwall sharing dance with some lovely people – I’m really looking forward to seeing them all again!

Daisy Harrison, Intern

IMG_4127We all got to take part in the class which mostly involved seated work. Jayne taught the class with such high energy and care that was very motivational for everyone. I really enjoyed taking part in the class today, finding out ways in which we can engage everyone to have confidence to move. During the class we all got given a hat as a prop to dance with which was great fun to see everyone in bright sparkly hats.  The group all had massive smiles on their faces throughout and it was lovely to see them all enjoying the class.

We stayed after the class to have tea and coffee and to chat to everyone. The group were such a great community and really welcoming to have us in the space.  We are all looking forward to be able to go and work with them again!

Amy Chatwin, Work experience from Plymouth University


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