Internship Highlights


Six months has flown by working with Plymouth Dance and Exim Dance Company as I’m sat here on my last day reflecting on all that has happened. During my time I have: led on projects, developed skills in project management, collated data and analysed it, taught workshops and classes in a mixture of genres, written community project funding bids and a bid for professional work development and tour.

In the last three months with Exim Dance Company I have taught 58 classes to 234 participants, I have enjoyed the diversity of each group and each setting meeting lovely people. I led and team taught a class each day of my internship which was great. Mondays particularly stood out for me as a day I really enjoyed, I would team teach two classes in the day and then lead company class in the evening. Getting to work with around 60 people each Monday was brilliant and allowed me to develop as a teacher. During my time with Exim I developed further in teaching in an inclusive setting which worked well alongside my work with Far Flung Dance Theatre Company. Within these three months I also got to teach within a variety of styles in which I have trained in Contemporary, Ballet and Hip-Hop.

Writing funding bids was a large part of my work with Exim Dance Company a few for the company’s community work and one for the company’s professional work. Working on these has allowed me to get a better understanding of each of the projects and Exims practise as a local company. Developing skills and confidence in my ability to write projects and piece together company projects has taught me a lot and will be useful for future projects.

I am thankful to have learnt and developed skills allowing me to feel prepared to continue my work as a freelance dance artist with greater knowledge and more contacts within the dance industry in Plymouth. I am thrilled to have completed tasks I may not have believed I could have done prior to the internship, such as writing funding bids and have gained confidence in areas I may not have felt suitable for prior to this experience.

Sophie Northmore

Exim Intern 2016


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