Whats is like as an Exim Dance Assistant

Chloe Brown joined Exim in 2015 while she was still in her first year of University as an assistant practitioner and now regularly teaches her own classes at local primary schools. Ready about some of Chloe’s highlights…

Reflecting back to September 2015, after completing the Level One Dance Leaders Qualification I was asked to continued to assist at Space Shot Youth Dance Company in Ernesettle as a paid assistant. From this I have gained new skills and experience; From leading exercises and teaching phrases in two different styles; Contemporary and Hip Hop to facilitating in the development of several dance pieces for multiple performances that have occurred over the past year I have worked with Space Shot. I have thoroughly enjoyed assisting at the two platforms they have performed at.


The first performance we did was Ernefest in Ernesettle back in September 2015 where I was the leader of the group, ensuring the group were safe when maneuvering around the festival. I also rehearsed and prepared the group for their performance. Gaining experience in leading a group during a performance is key attribute that has boosted my confidence allowing me to carry out the same role at The Dance Machine Dance Competition in Plymouth a few months ago. Space Shot Youth Dance Company are currently working towards Ernefest happening this September and I’m looking forward to seeing them perform once again.


As a group they come on in leaps and bounds and by working with them weekly for a year I can see they have grown creatively, technically but also in confidence, but what I have learnt is that teaching and learning is not one way; Space Shot Youth Dance Company have also allowed me to grow in confidence and recognize how to lead a class. I have been able to apply these valuable skills to a variety of different situations.

IMG_7205-2Exim Dance Company teach in different environments, one of those being the educational setting. I began teaching a Hip Hop after school club at Oreston Primary School in Plymstock in September 2015 and more recently at St Mary’s C of E Infant School in Plympton. Working with varying abilities and ages has taught me how to adapt lessons depending on the students, as each class is individual and unique. Recently I have been asked by both schools to create a performance for their final showcases at the end of the academic year. I feel honoured and privileged to be given this opportunity and I really look forward to choreographing and allowing the students to create aspects of the performance.

I am thankful for the skills and experience I have acquired so far on my journey with Exim Dance Company and I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey. It has allowed me to feel prepared to continue my work as an Apprentice Dance Practitioner with greater knowledge and experience in working with a variety of ages and abilities in numerous different settings.


Chloe Brown

Exim Dance Company Apprentice 2016


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