Growing and Developing with Exim – Kaitlyn Howlett

Since becoming an apprentice for Exim in September 2015, whilst I was in my first year studying at Plymouth University, I have had some of the best experiences of my training so far. A large proportion of this is through working with ADAPT, Exim’s inclusive youth group where I assist teaching and also dance. From when I first joined the group they have progressed such a long way and achieved more in the past year than I could ever dream of, and yet, they still continue to surprise me with their strength and determination.

Adapt_06.12.14_19_FotoPlusOne of the biggest events I have been privileged to be part of is taking part in UDance’s Schools tour and having the chance to perform with ADAPT on the Theatre Royal Stage for Dance Plymouth Dance, a final night of UDance. On top of this ADAPT have created a dance film, taken place in a competition, been invited to perform at the university for part of the Inspiring Volunteer Awards, travelled to bath for a UDance Regional platform and performed as part of Funky Lama Festival to top it all off!

So, as you can tell they have had a busy busy time this year and still manage to fit in rehearsals alongside work or college, school or other daily activities that can sometimes get the better of us. However, adapt always preserver and never fail to welcome anyone in to the group, I couldn’t be prouder of what they have achieved thus far and for what I know they will continue to achieve in future years and to say that I am a part of this wonderful family fills me with joy everyday!

Alongside working with Adapt I have been teaching after school classes for Exim and have also just received a new role as part of the Making waves project that is in partnership with Plymouth University and other Higher education establishments across Devon. Exim have enabled me to acquire experience in teaching that has helped me to start building my professional Portfolio and expand my knowledge and training in this area in preparation for leaving University. This exact experience that I have gain through working with Exim is what gave me the confidence to apply for a role in the Making Waves project.

IMG_6842I love the fact that HE around Devon is encouraging younger generations to start to think about their future and all the while hiring students to visit the schools and colleges. Not only has this meant students are being supported and paid to lead workshops and presentations that help to gain experience and connections within the community but they are also providing a relatable and more accessible environment for the youths. After leading the first of many workshops within the Making Waves project at Stoke Damerel Community College my confidence has increased in the necessity and use for this project. Starting the workshop with all of the participants not knowing about University ensures me that my-self and the eight other practitioners I am joined by will be helping our future generations and will be making a difference throughout this project.

I have grown so much as a dancer, teacher and practitioner within dance over the past two years and all the while been supported and enabled to grow from the guidance and opportunities that Exim have provided me as an apprentice. I can only hope to continue to grow and work with Exim, but all I know so far is how much I have been able to achieve and be a part of wouldn’t have been possible without joining the company.


Kaitlyn Howlett

Exim Dance Company Apprentice


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