Making Waves – Lauren Pomfret

I have recently begun working for Exim Dance Company as part of their Making Waves reach out project to Colleges and Schools across the South West. I became interested in working with Exim Dance through connections made throughout my studies at Plymouth University on the Dance Theatre course, where I was able to attend evening classes lead by current company dancers and also through a module in my third year, Professional Development Project, where I asked to attend Exim’s Research and Development period for a new piece of work ‘Etch’ in 2015. Through this period, I was able to see how the company work through morning classes and an intensive research period.

IMAG0040By attending classes and through this period with Exim Dance I started to build networks with companies and practitioners local to Plymouth and the South West which has supported my growth at University within my professional development module and connections for after graduation. Examples for networks I have made include, Freefall Dance Company in Falmouth where I attended weekly open level Dance classes, led by Grace Sellwood and Emily Dobson. As well as attending classes I got perform alongside the Open Class Dancers at Mergecology platform at Falmouth University organised by Suzie West of SpinDrift Dance Collective. I was also asked by Suzie to attend SpinDrift’s choreographic residency with Freefall Dance Company creating ‘I, We, Us’, where they performed at a number of venue’s across Devon and Cornwall along with another residency by Olivia Lockwood, these venues included: Cornwall College St Austell, Plymstock School, Plymouth Fringe Festival at the Barbican Theatre and recently Midsummer Dance Festival at Sterts.

13524311_10154020548214230_7102397414330033722_nAs well as attending residencies through University I was also invited to be an original member of ‘With Company’, a student based dance company based in Plymouth, where I was a company dancer performing in ‘People’ and ‘Kin’ at Palace Theatre Paignton, Cornwall College St Austell and Plymouth Fringe Festival in The House. Throughout these works I was able to work with emotions and relationships, where ‘Kin’ is based around a growing friendship with playful behaviour and, ‘People’ exploring the togetherness of how individuals communicate and play. As well as company dancer, I was asked to take on the role as Rehearsal Director, where I was in charge of recording minutes for research and developments period and booking appropriate rehearsal spaces. I have very much enjoying being a part of this emerging dance company, where is has improved my organised and communication skills.

12963907_987475098001568_748317915633144990_nSince finishing University I has been working with Exim on the Making Waves project, where I have attended a Training Day organised by Claire Summers and Laura Henry, where they have started to begin lesson planning for various teaching opportunities happening over the summer where they went over a university life presentation which will be shown at the schools and colleges and in the South West and also learning about how to teach a range of ages and abilities in order to keep the children interested, making sure students aren’t being distracted and appropriate language choices for children and to make sure they understand what is being taught. Recently I has taught at Ivybridge Community College and Notre Dame School in Plymouth, where I have been able to contribute through teaching a contemporary, flying low phrase, assisting through creative tasks and explaining her journey from GCSE levels to graduating, where independence and finding my own style of Dance, has been important throughout my training and has contributed to helping younger Dance students spark their interest in higher education.


Lauren Pomfret

Trainee Practitioner/ Student Ambassador – Making Waves


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