Meet The Team | Vicky Malin

Hello everyone, my name is Vicky Malin and I am a relatively new recruit of Exim Dance Company. I am based in South-East London, where I have a little garden, which I adore. Almost every night this summer I have seen four frogs, but I am guessing they will be getting ready to hibernate soon. As for me, I am not in hibernation yet, and am steadily getting used to being on a train…a lot. I am on an early train right now, back to the frogs.


My Mum lives in North Devon and I am loving spending more time with her. She is my impromptu tour manager, taking me to venues and makes me sandwiches for my lunch! It kind of feels like I am back at school again, in a good way. It turns out we were actually at school yesterday, the lovely Taunton School, and the students made a brilliant curtain raiser in a minuscule amount of time, it really was a pleasure to watch. Laura, Lucy and Heather were really buzzing from working with the students and I think this energy helped make our performance fresh and playful. I do enjoy performing with these strong, generous and driven women (we do have a bit of a laugh too, which I think is important.)


In both the Exeter and the Taunton School performances I really enjoyed the beginning section where we interact with the audience. It feels like a lovely way to perform and I like the unexpected nature of those conversations with people in the room. I feel we get a glimpse into different people’s memories and experiences and this makes the whole event feel more intimate and relatable. I like the fact I have a bit of my garden there with me to spark conversations and give different smells and sensations that the audience can hold on to through the performance.

I am nearly at Paddington now, and about to get my University head on, where I am studying Creative Practice, another way of saying choreography that means I can merge in all my fascinations into my work, moving, singing, coaching, drawing… gardening!

Signing off for now. Bye for now.

Vicky Malin – Company Dancer | Etch 2016/17 



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