Work experience with Exim Dance Company – Georgia Harwood

My name is Georgia, I am a third year Dance and Performance student at Falmouth University and I have spent the week with Exim! Within the past year I have developed a strong interest for Dance in community settings and using dance as therapy.

I am halfway through a research project where I am filling the gap between theoretical research and witnessing as many organisations in the South West as I can gain access to – which is where I come to my time with Exim…

Artistic Director of Exim Laura Henry came in to the University and delivered a lecture in April 2015, which was the first time I had heard of the company. She showed us the ADAPT program, the professional company and mentioned the community work they do such as ‘Making waves’ and ‘Animate’. This was all of interest to me because of my distinct interest in working in communities and my desire to stay and build contacts in the South West.

My first day with the company was very full! In the morning, I observed and partly joined in with Lucy and Rob’s ‘Animate’ dance class, which works with disabled adults in Plymouth Life Centre. We had 10 people join us in the space, where we used props and music to influence movement. I then went over to Devonport High School for Girls with Laura, where she delivered classes to year 10 and year 7 and 8 girls, which was brilliant because all of her students are driven and so excited by movement. Next we headed over to Plymouth University and I participated in the Making Waves session, which is a fabulous program for young people introducing them to and giving them plenty of opportunities with movement and dance – this is a project is worked in partnership with the following Plymouth University, Marjons, Plymouth College of Art, Real Ideas Organisation and Devon Community Outreach Network. Finally, we all took the company class, led by Rob, which is opened to local professional dancers, students at the University and Exim Dance Company.

This morning I went with Lucy and Laura to Ivybridge, where they delivered a session at Hannah’s house. This class was for adults, who were wheelchair dependent, the main focus of the class was sensory based and upper body movement. Being a part of this session, watching the participants’ joy, as the air and props moved around them was invaluable. This session was autumn themed, there was material and leaves in the space, which created movement and sound influencing the imagination journey the group was led through.

My placement with Exim has been indescribable; they have managed to offer me experiences and opportunities, which I never could have imagined. Everyone I have worked with here has been friendly and eager to share his or her experience and knowledge with me.

Georgia Harwood – 3rd year Falmouth Dance Student

Work Experience Placement


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