Etch – Company dancer Lucy Freeman reflects

Exim are  3 shows into our journey with ‘Etch’. A truly fantastic opening night at the Cygnet Theatre, Exeter, followed by a fantastic day with Taunton School, and most recently a special performance alongside National Star College, Cheltenham. Amongst all our travels and with Truro coming up fast it is nice to take a moment to reflect.

At each venue I have had the privilege of being a part of a number of workshops with local students and artists. This has been a sharing of how Etch came to be through remembrance and discovery meaning that each group has created something totally unique – their very own ‘Etch’.

It is amazing to see the creativity throughout all the groups, both offering and absorbing ideas, and totally running with it all! I have to applaud the students at Taunton for their outstanding professionalism resulting in a curtain raiser performed alongside us at the evening showing.  Although the same can be said for all of our groups – all creating something worthy of an evening to itself.

Can I just.jpgThe most interesting thing for me as a performer in Etch is that each performance takes on a ride of it’s own mirroring our experience even in the rehearsal room. There is absolutely no space to become complacent or even too comfortable as we test and tease each other in performance and enjoy massively the instantaneous feedback from the audience, resulting in a unique experience at each stop; for us too. In this way, Etch feels special to me and I feel both lucky and proud to be a part of its journey. I feel excited about it’s future and the ways in which it will grow. Not to mention our box of photo’s, which is filling with your selfies and pictures – I like this touch, for each place we visit can continue on with us throughout the tour.

So, that’s 3 counties transformed into coconut oil fanatics (Thanks Lucy Bee). But more importantly, 3 counties that have hopefully found themselves diving into a wonderful array of memories, moments and ‘classic moves’ with us.

We look forward to seeing more of you in Truro and beyond!


Lucy Freeman 

Etch Performer Touring UK with Exim Dance Company CIC 2016/17 



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