Rebecca Cox – work experience with Exim Dance Company

Hi my name is Rebecca I am 19 years old and Ive currently started work experience with Exim Dance Company. I have gained many things from doing my work experience placement such as doing spread sheets, Emails and looking for performances to go and see at the Theatre Royal, The House and Barbican Theatre.

I have also used excel to create speared sheets for the projects and I have sent emails to parents. And I have used Google drive which I never knew existed before.

I am also part of part ADAPT and I have performed on the Theatre Royal stage which was amazing and I went up to the regionals for U.Dance at Bath University which was a very exciting day because I did a new style of dance and it was really interesting. I have also danced at a competition called dance machine. I am also part of Making Waves project which is at Plymouth University taking place on Mondays in term time, it is really fun and I really enjoy my time there and that I get to work with other people who I have worked with previously. The best part is the really great teamwork everyone has, its really incredible to see it.

ADAPT designing new dance costumes in one of the Friday sessions

I started ADAPT when I was 17 years old and when I stared I couldn’t do much because I had, had back surgery that year and now I am much more confident and I have learnt so much, how to create movement. Experienced and danced at lots of different performances platforms. I was involved in a dance film created by FOTONOW called ‘Inside Outside’ and we did that at Devonport park and then it was shown on the big screen Plymouth City centre. And I really like going to ADAPT because it is the best thing that I have done.

diffability-eventI have performed at an event that was called Working Well With Autism. I performed a trio is was really great and very interesting event because there were other performances which were really good to watch.

I also performed at Funky Llama festival in the summer which was on Plymouth hoe and it was a really fun day because there were lots of other performances.

The style of dance that I do is contemporary dance which modern dance and it is really fun because I can do lots of movement with it.

Speak soon

Rebecca Cox – Work Experience 



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