Tammy Mildren – Half Way through my apprenticeship with Exim Dance Company

So I am half way through my year apprenticeship with Exim Dance Company and time has flown by. So far I have completed all units apart from 2 units at college and my tutor has signed all these off. I am also on target to complete on time in December or possibly even before. I have also taught and assisted in 100 classes and taught over 60 different children in 18 different classes. Which is over 130 hours in total. I have enjoyed all the classes I have taught and assisted with, they are all challenging in a positive way and I have seen both the children and adults grow and develop so much in the short space of time that I have been working with them and I am looking forward to continuing to see this improvement as I carry on my apprenticeship.


I have learned many skills during this time for example I have learned how to use spreadsheets and Google documents and sheets as well as Google calendar. I have also learned to use mail chimp and wunderlist. These are all very useful programmes to be using because as part of my admin role I am in charge of data capture, weekly class income spreadsheets and emailing different people, parents and organisations. As well as this I have also created newsletters and campaigns to send out via mail chimp to everyone that has subscribed to our mailing list. I also Input class income into spreadsheets and bank all the money and cheques that come in.

I have really enjoyed working with Exim Dance Company full time and I really hope to continue working with them full time when my apprenticeship finishes. I love both the admin side of the job and the teaching and assisting side as well. I feel I am constantly learning and developing holistically in all areas of my job and my confidence continues to improve on a daily basis. I love the fact I can look forward to coming to work everyday and do something I love and Im passionate about.

Bye for now


Tammy Mildren 

Exim Dance Company Apprentice 



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