Work Experience with Exim Dance Company – Jayde Evans

I am a third year Dance and Performance student at Falmouth University. As part of my PIC (Practice in Context) module I had to find and research aspects and areas of dance that interested me.

From a young age I have always been involved with dance and drama in community settings. I have worked both in professional and amateur organisations since the age of 16, all based up North. That’s why I decided to focus on well-established company’s in the South West, that offer great opportunities to both professional and training artists.

My time at Exim Dance Company has been extremely valuable. I was first introduced to Laura Henry (Artistic Director) at Falmouth University when she delivered an intriguing lecture about the company. Laura spoke about all the great community projects they do in the South West such as ‘Making Waves’ and ‘Animate’. She also mentioned the professional side of the company and all the future plans and productions they are working on.

That’s why I decided to do part of my research at Exim Dance company.


My first day with Exim Dance Company was interesting, challenging and exciting. I met with Lucy freeman (lead practitioner, professional dancer) and a recent Falmouth University graduate and Robert Mennear, a freelance artist. I joined in with their ‘Animate’ dance class at The Plymouth Life Centre and it was so much fun!

The class was for disabled adults. Using props, sound and voice the 15 participants explored dance and movement in a relaxed, safe environment. I loved working with each participant and it was lovely to be involved in each individual’s journey. I left the class with a big smile on my face, it was a rewarding, great moment and the class has made me want to work with or even create a similar class in the near future.

Later on that day I went with Laura Henry to Devonport High School for Girls. The first class Laura taught was for year 10 girls (which was part of their curriculum) and an after school class to years 7’s & 8’s. It was very interesting to see the young people in the space devising and exploring movement. Laura was great, she was directing the students to take their movement further – to see where it can take them, the outcome was incredible. The students listened to her, took on the feedback and advice and created their own dance, which was at a very high standard for their age.

Exim Dance Company enabled me to work with some wonderful people in the community. I have made new contacts, learnt valuable skills/techniques that I can employ in the future.

On the 7th November I went to Truro College and assisted Laura Henry & Heather Walrond (dancer, company owner and part of Exim Dance Company). They ran a workshop for first year dance students. Exim performed their piece ‘Etch’ on the 8th November at Truro. The college students devised solos, which they than expanded into performance material for Exim’s curtain raiser that evening.

Being involved with Exim Dance Company has been a great pleasure. Every person I have been introduced too has been very helpful. I am the director of the new theatre company – Scruffy Mutt Theatre and Laura has been so supportive, offering me advice for funding and she has given me general important information that can benefit my company.

The support and guidance of Exim Dance Company has been extremely valuable and hopefully in the near future I can collaborate and work with Exim Dance Company again.



Jayde Evans

Work Experience 2016


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