Working with artist Megan Broadmeadow

ADAPT Youth Dance Company & Plymouth Dance were approached by Plymouth Arts Centre and Bristol based artist Megan Broadmeadow to make a collaboration piece that is to be presented as part of Plymouth Illuminate Festival on 24th November.

Megan Broadmeadows concept behind the work

Taking the idea of the Mayflower voyagers setting off to start a new life, the idea is to use the image of a tower to represent utopian dreams of building a new society.

Filmed in a tall space comparable to the size of the wall of the arts centre, participants will be filmed building a series of tower like structures.The towers will be built, then taken down then a new structure rebuilt in an ongoing cycle. The builders could be formed of two groups – one group that is building and one that is taking down, so the towers are always in a state of flux!


Rehearsals Images and Megan’s Visual of how the work with be projected on to Plymouth Art Centre. The work will be showcased at 6:45pm on Thursday 24th November. Be sure not to miss it!

The dancers had two rehearsals to work with Megan to create movement material around a light installation set, with movable coloured boxes. The dancers had to creatively creative work that resembled a giant vertical dancefloor. The dancers all came together on Friday to play with ideas and to work creatively in the studio with Megan and film students from Plymouth College of Arts. Filming took place on Saturday and both Plymouth Dance and ADAPT had so much fun filming and working in a different way to they have done previously.

Both ADAPT and Plymouth Dance volunteers feel very privileged to have been asked to be apart of the amazing festival and to work with artist Megan. To see themselves projected onto the Arts Centre is going to be very memorable experience.

We can wait to share the film with you guys to see what has been created! The dancers are really looking forward to watching the light parade tomorrow, performance by Barbican Theatre and mappers.

Make sure you check out Megan Broadmeadows immersive installations at Plymouth Arts Centre for free.The work is presented in Plymouth till 7th January 2017.

ADAPT Youth Company run weekly classes in term time at Plymouth School of Creative Arts for people aged 11-25 years suitable for young people with and without disabilities. Exim create a safe place for the dancers to come together.

Interested in joining ADAPT? Then contact Laura Henry at Exim Dance Company CIC

Phone: 07864168663  


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