ADAPT – Update from Tammy Mildren

A new academic year, a fresh start and a new dance piece for ADAPT. This term ADAPT have been planning and choreographing their new circus themed dance piece. The group all came together to create a mindmap of different ideas for a great theme for their new dance and the group decided on The Circus as a theme because their are many different roles in the circus that would suit everyone in ADAPT for example we have Clowns, Animals and Acrobats.

We then worked with Meier Williams who is a costume designer that is well known to Exim as she designed the professional company costumes for their new Etch piece that is currently on tour around the UK. She came into one of the ADAPT sessions to work with the dancers to create a mood board that would then help Meier to then design and make their costumes for the new piece.

ADAPT have had an amazing last few terms they have been choreographing their new circus themed dance piece and they have show a small excerpt of the work in full costume at the Exim’s 5th year anniversary party which was held on the 11th November.

ADAPT have been working with Bristol based artist Megan Broadmeadow to create a short dance film for the illuminate festival. This film will be displayed on the side of the Art Centre building on Thursday 24th November. The dancers and I cannot wait to see the final film and enjoy the Illuminate Festival all together.   

Bye for now.

Tammy Mildren

Exim Dance Company



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