First Term Teaching with Exim // Lucy Freeman

It is now coming to the end of my first term in the role as a Lead Community Practitioner for Exim. It has been an absolute delight for me to be so involved with so much of the work that Exim do. I have met so many people, in so many places and we have done an awful lot of dancing!

Teaching at Active For Life class                                                                                                                  Plymouth Life Centre                                                                                                                                       The sessions run weekly on Mondays between 1pm-2pm                                                        Interested then contact or call 01752 201891// 07791682777

Coming predominantly from a performance training, but with a passion for sharing movement and creativity, I have found my feet this term with my various teaching ventures and my voice in sharing what is important to me.

I have been leading a range of classes from primary to high school afterschool clubs, to adult’s inclusive movement and even a fitness class, to name but a few.

With a few weeks to go before Christmas we have sharing’s, themed dances and props all in the making. Each group that I have had the pleasure of working with so far has offered something entirely unique. This culminates in differing energies and activities whilst working together in the space, and this is something that, as a teacher can be both a challenge but also massively rewarding to work with. I have found this to be one of my favourite aspects of my role with the company. Each class that I get to be a part of is so different. This has definitely kept me on my toes.

This term I have seen both individuals and groups flourish, I have learnt far more than I have taught and I have smiled until my cheeks hurt! I am looking forward to having a short break now, but also excited to come back in the new year to pick up where we left off, and also to begin new classes. I’m particularly excited to be leading the Exim Open Company Classes next term and with a few more projects in the pipeline, its set to be a good one!


Lucy Freeman – Lead Community Practitioner  



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