First Term with Exim // Robert Mennear

As I approach the end of my first term with Exim I look back with a real sense of strong beginnings and achievement.

The open company class has week on week been filled with participants who are there to work hard, up for a challenge and all done with a smile on their sweat drenched face’s. I feel a real sense of unity and warm welcoming’s within the open company class and encourage more to come along.

The first steps in establishing a boys group at Stoke Damerel’s have been made with promise and encouragement. The lads continue to work hard and will be performing soon!

Animate have been a joy and pleasure to work with. All the participants have shown growth and talent in all that they explored. I can’t wait to see the images captured by Meier Williams.

Making Waves has started with a bang. With great youths developing week on week within class and displaying strong creative thoughts. I look forward to seeing what we bring together next term.

Looking forward to beginning the new term already!


Robert Mennear

Lead Community Practitioner


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