Meet the team – Lauren Pomfret

I have been working with Exim Dance as an Assistant Dance Practitioner for their newly formed youth project ‘Making Waves’. This project is designed for young people in years 9 and above to discover a safe place to develop creative work which pushes their boundaries, develop their technical skills and allows them to collaborate with different dance practitioners and art forms in the City.

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The Life of a Costume – Designer Meier Williams Costume Designer for Etch

Back in 2015 Claire Summers (Etch choreographer) asked me if I would like to be apart of the initial research for a new piece Exim were researching. Claire explained that she wanted to research and create an inclusive performance work about memories that would incorporate all of the senses. Hearing her talk about her ideas instantly sparked off lots of creative thoughts and ideas for me. I wanted to create bespoke costumes for each individual dancer, which would incorporate highly embroidered textile work…..I wanted to create…..memory dresses!!!!! … More The Life of a Costume – Designer Meier Williams Costume Designer for Etch

Exim playback of the last 5 weeks!

What a jammed packed January to February half term Exim Dance Company have had. We’ve started 2017 with a bang delivering 17 classes each week in term term. Behind closed doors lots of planning for new projects and classes are coming together to begin in the next several months. Exciting meetings have taken place and wonderful news has been received. We can’t wait to share with you the public very soon! … More Exim playback of the last 5 weeks!