ADAPT Youth Company – Who We Are

ADAPT Youth Company run weekly dance classes for young people aged 11-25 years with and without disabilities. Exim’s aim is to raise aspirations and confidence, offering participants an opportunity to develop skills in contemporary dance and choreography. The group regularly perform in local dance platforms, regional showcases and have been apart of commissioned projects. The weekly sessions are FREE for all participants and transport to and from the group is offered to those who need it.


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ADAPT  Youth Company meet weekly on Fridays between 4:30pm-6:30pm during term time at Plymouth School of Creative Arts. The youth company has been running for 5 years and have been lucky enough to receive various pots of funding to help keep the project running.

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What the young people say:

“ADAPT has given me so much confidence. When I first started ADAPT I was very shy and wouldn’t really speak or leave my best friends side and I didn’t really have any independence but over the years I have so much more confidence and absolutely love dancing and performing. I could never have dreamed of getting this far in dance or wanting to work towards becoming a professional dancer and working as an apprentice for the company. I would definitely  recommend ADAPT to anyone.”


What the parents say:

“My daughter has gained so much confidence from the sessions. She looks forward to the sessions and has mixed well and has learned to listen to other people’s opinions and value those opinions a skill that she has not had until now.”

“My daughter had very little coordination due to her having Downs and finds it hard to mix with “normal” people outside of school, when she was given the chance to attend Exim Dance, she was over the moon as she loves to dance and she looked forward to going every Friday evening… I feel they are helping young adults with learning differences to understand that they can do more with their life’s and learn new ways of expressing themselves.”

The door is always open at ADAPT and we welcome new participants to join throughout the year whether you have danced before or not. We just love to share our passion for dance with anyone interested. If you know of someone that you feel would benefit from being apart of the youth company please do get in touch.


** You can help support ADAPT by voting on this link for the chance of them potentially receiving Galaxy Hot Chocolate funding. The £300 would make a huge difference.**  or call: 07864168663 for more information. 



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