Spring Term Roundup – Lucy Freeman

What a busy term! I can’t quite believe how fast it’s flown by… and how much we have managed to pack in…


I want to start with the highlight of my term and the addition of young yoga to the Exim timetable! Coming to Exim as a qualified yoga practitioner, we were keen to incorporate this into the programme. My passion for the practice of yoga lies at the heart of everything I do, and informs my other teaching with Exim. Offering this class as an extension upon the work that Exim currently do with young people seemed a perfect progression. I have loved bringing in aspects of other disciplines to this class… we are currently collecting bottles in order to make our own glitter meditation tools!


I have also enjoyed starting to work with a wonderful group of women at Sherwell Church. Although there is less glitter, we have just as much fun! We spend 45 minutes laughing and moving each session – it is such a pleasure to be able to bring movement to groups that maybe wouldn’t experience it otherwise. I think our ‘Motown’ week was a particular favourite!

On top of this, Etch has been back on the road! Being a part of both Exim’s community side as well as the professional side is such a privilege. I really do feel my time with one, informs my time with the other. I currently facilitate and lead up to 8 differing weekly sessions for Exim and when on tour with the professional company and ‘Etch’, I get the opportunity to facilitate even more workshops out in the communities we visit. Wrapped up in all of this have been a number of performances from our groups in youth platforms, at events and as curtain raisers on tour. Seeing young groups flourish in performance is really something spectacular, and I look forward to more of this in the coming months.

Etch 1
Image Meier Williams

As spring approaches, and with even more on the agenda, I am keen to see what the next few months will hold!


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Lucy Freeman 

Lead Practitioner and Company Dancer


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