Spring Term Roundup – Robert Mennear

As I reflect on last term, it was filled with great beginnings and rewarding achievements. Company Class saw fantastic numbers and homed infectious energy! Both the boys project and Making Waves laid down some strong and highly exciting foundations! Active for Life – Monday class continued to be a pleasure to be part of and the individual development of the participants was amazing!

Image Meier Williams

So far 2017 is picking up right from where we left off! Active for Life participant numbers are amazing and all who do take part are completely immersed and enjoy every element of the session. Be it if we are creating sound scores with homemade instruments, choreographing to Hollywood sound tracks or exploring contact improvisation with balloons.  

The boys project has seen great numbers taking part in taster workshops alongside working with a FOTONOW to produce a short promo film.


Company members from Making Waves development in both class and on stage has been incredible and really are shaping up to becoming a significant youth company in Plymouth.

If the rest of this term continues to move in the same direction, it will be a fantastic leap into 2017.




Robert Mennear

Exim Dance Company

Lead Community Practitioner



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