End of term reflection – Lydia Baldchin

I’ve been a busy dancing bee over the last term and loving every second of it.

Recently I have had the chance to get more involved with Exim classes by assisting and leading at Devonport High School for Girls and Widewell Primary School. It was great being at Devonport High School for Girls. We created a dance piece based on styles from 1940s/1950s for a show that the 6th forms were putting together. The girls worked hard to learn new choreography from the era creating their own partner phrases and learning our phrases that had a contemporary twist to it. They did us proud when performing at the dance show ‘Dancing Through the Decades’.

I enjoyed teaching at Widewell Primary School helping the tiny dancers finding creative movement whilst learning to share props within pairs. It was lovely to see their imaginations come alive whilst playing with fabric, handmade shakers and flower necklaces.

On 4th February it was good to be at City College ‘Open Day’ where we promoted Exim Dance Company via advertising all there amazing opportunities with their shiny new flyers and leaflets. It was great to help inspire the futures of the younger generation.

Amongst working at the schools i still have my old favorites within the community ‘Space Shot Youth’ and ‘Adapt’, I love watching them grow over the past years and become beautiful dancers.

Anniversary Party 11

Wednesday night is ‘Space Shot Youth’ night. Our last performance was inspired by ‘Grease’. They had fun learning lifts and how to put comedy into a dance piece. We gave them different creative tasks for them to choreograph their own movement within groups and made up entertaining phrases where we got inspired to use elements to create a unison part for them to learn. On 7th February we had a tech rehearsal at the City College for their Platform ‘Dance Infinity’. It was cool to learn how to put lighting to the piece. ‘Space Shot Youth’ were excellent on stage, nailing every move. Also at ‘Dance Infinity’ ‘Adapt’ performed and i finally was able to see ‘Making Waves’ perform their piece. I was amazed from everyone that night, it fills me with joy knowing that the beautiful dancers performed to their best and enjoyed themselves. After half term within ‘Space shot Youth’ we started creating a new piece. We started by brainstorming with what they wanted to do and came up with creating a piece inspired from emotions using Lyrical Contemporary movement. Already they’ve choreographed loads of strong movement and moving material. I’m excited to see the piece come together for the next performance in May.

I’m also a dancer for ‘Adapt’ a company for disabled and non-disabled dancers, i like adapting my movement to fit within their way of moving. Our current performance is inspired from Circus theme. I taught myself classic moves from the dance style Charleston by watching YouTube and Strictly Come Dancing. I put together a small phrase to teach ‘Adapt’ and had a good time showing them some comical partner movement that they learnt. We had great fun working hard and playing with movement illustrating their characters. They also choreographed partner and solo movement. The piece became filled with neat tricks, playful movement and great faces expressing the joy of moving freely. We also performed at City College ‘Dance Infinity’. We were so proud of their performance. I love being part of such a warm hearted company, where everyone gets to be themselves and express who they are in their own way.

ADAPT - Moving

Throughout the week I take pleasure in improving on my own dance ability, by attending dance classes. I had great fun, having a go at Tap for the first time. I love going to Contemporary too. After every class i feel exhilarated and a stronger dancer. Furthermore these classes inspires me for another part of teaching i like, helping dancers to grow, teaching them the importance of Warm-Up, Technique and Cooling Down. I really enjoy creating phrases for them to learn whether it’s to improve their technique within traveling and floor phrases to teaching them new movement. Within ‘Open Company Class’ i also enjoy playing with movement, experimenting with ideas, listening to our bodies and simply dancing.

It’s awesome being a part of such beautiful company, Exim gives so many opportunities for dancers of different ability and ages. Thanks to Exim i ‘am able to train and improve myself as a dancer as well as being able to give back as a Dance Artists and teach dancers the joy of dancing.


Lydia Baldchin

Exim Dance Company – Trainee Dance Practitioner


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