Making Waves – Samantha Mills

For almost two years now, I have been a Student Ambassador for Plymouth Dance. I have also been employed by Exim Dance Company, as an Assistant Practitioner, on their new school’s project ‘Making Waves’. Delivering workshops in schools and colleges around Plymouth and Devon. More recently, I have been working with them on their ‘After School’s’ project. A 2- hour class held at Plymouth University, a weekly outreach class for young people in Plymouth for anyone over the age of 14. I assisted with this project in the 1st Term for 10 weeks. This was a brilliant opportunity for me to be able to assist and learn from leading practitioners Laura Henry, Lucy Freeman and Robert Shaun Mennear. In these classes I was able to observe and pick up on different skills and teaching techniques to add and continue crafting my own.

IMG_81671These classes are fully accessible and offer students the chance to come and learn movement, different choreographic / creative processes, with other’s from different schools in the community. Working with a large number of students with a wide variety of ability and skill. Watching different groups coming together for a couple hours a week and dance and move together is really inspiring to making a difference, big or small and bringing together various people from across the Plymouth community.

Making Waves 9I feel very privileged to have worked with such a talented group of young people, and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the project and the journey the participants have been on. I look forward to seeing them progress, creating and developing the rest of their work for up and coming college shows and dance platforms.


Samantha Mills

Assistant Practitioner Exim Dance Company


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