End of Apprenticeship – Tam Mildren

So I have  six days left until I finish my apprenticeship with Exim Dance Company and time has flown by. to date I have completed all my units at college and these have all been signed off by my tutor. I am also on target to completed in the next week or two. I have also taught and assisted in 100 classes and 102 children.  Which is 101 hours in total. I have enjoyed all the classes I have taught and assisted with, they are all challenging in a positive way and I have seen both the children and adult grow and develop so much in the short space of time that I have been working with them and I am looking forward to continuing to see this improvement as I carry on with Exim Dance Company one day a week when I finish.

Anniversary Party 11

I have learned many skills during this time for example I have learned how to use spreadsheet and Google documents and sheets as well as Google calendar.  I have also learned to use mailchimp and wunderlist.  These are all very useful programmes to be using because as part of my admin role I am in charge of data capture, income spreadsheets and emailing different people, parents and organisations. As well as this I have also created newsletters and campaigns to send out via mail chimp to everyone that has subscribed to our mailing list.  

I have really enjoyed working with Exim Dance Company full time and I am really glad I can continue working with them one day a week and I’m really excited to be going on to train as a professional dancer at both college and hopefully University the year after. I love both the admin side of the job and the teaching and assisting side as well. I feel I am constantly learning and developing holistically in all areas of my job and my confidence continues to improve on a daily basis. I love the fact I can look forward to coming to work everyday and do something I love and am passionate about and also something I can feel and see the different in others through this.

I would like to thank Exim Dance Company so much for all the support and guidance they have given me over this past year and a bit. I am so glad I will be continuing 8 hours a week after my apprenticeship has finished. This company is such an amazing company and I can honestly say since I starting with them as a dancer about 5 years ago, they have changed my life in many different ways and they have opened so many doors for me along this way. So thank you Exim Dance Company.


Tam Mildren

Apprentice Exim Dance Company


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