Work Experience | Amelia Harrison


For 2 days I have been doing work experience at Exim Dance Company. Dancing is something that I am really passionate about and I have been doing it for roughly 10 years now, so I was very exited when I was told that Exim Dance Company allows students to come for work experience. I am a year 10 student at Tavistock College and I am currently doing dance GCSE, with my school I dance for roughly 2 to 3 hours a week and an extra 1 hour on Wednesdays after school to create contemporary dances that my dance group often perform in school shows. I am lucky in that I get given many opportunities with my school to watch ballets at the Theatre Royal and take part in workshops with company’s such a Rambert. I’ve always loved going to see ballet’s with my family, as many people in my family also loves to dance. At a young age I was introduced to SJS Dance Academy and have been doing ballet there every Saturday ever since, I also do a contemporary dance class, a modern dance class and a tap class with SJS on a Thursday.


I am now in grade 6 in ballet and have stated thinking about what I want to do once I finish in grade 8, my dream is to get into a dance university and become a dance teacher. I was introduced to Exim Dance Company not too long ago and have been told all about what they do, I was really exited to do work experience here as it seemed like such a lively and welcoming place, they hold classes for people of different ages, people with disabilities and people that have come from different backgrounds or cultures. I adore the all-inclusive theme of this dance company and how there is a dance or exercise class for anyone. I observed and joined in with 3 classes during my time at Exim over the day and half wilt the company: theses were in the following Racial Equality class, Animate and Widewell Primary school. Some involved engaging games, art, different dance styles (ballet, yoga, contemporary, etc…)

All with lovely people. All three were very different but so much fun

Thank you for the opportunity.


Amelia Harrison

Work experience student 


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